What makes a great logo?

A logo is one of the most important elements of a brand because it is the first thing that catches your eye, this is why it is essential to ensure that the logo is attractive and memorable.
Many brands are not aware of the fact that the logo does not have to be extra. Instead it should be creative enough to stand out and make the first impression that will last forever; but what makes a logo great? Below are a few factors that should be considered when designing a logo :

1. Aesthetic Appeal

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. – Remember that saying? The word beauty has always remained very subjective and the definition of “beauty” is different for everyone. Similarly, when it comes to logo, every customer has different preferences on the basis of their personality, taste or their cultural background. To create an attractive logo, you need to instill excellent aesthetic skills in terms of design, symbol, shape and visual language. An aesthetic logo will be appealing enough to capture the attention of masses.

2. Simplicity

Minimalistic logos have gained worldwide attention due to their simplicity and attractiveness. Many businesses do not realize that extravagance does not always make a great logo rather it could be the simplest logo and still be extraordinary. Take an example of some of the most successful brands today and their logos such as Apple, Nike, Target and many others that have simple logos. However, there is a lot of thought on the tiny details like shape, design and font style when needed. There is a very high possibility that a simple logo is more memorable, as it is easy to remember and recall.

3. Relevence

When designing a logo, it should be kept in mind that it is relevant to your brand. Your business needs a logo that gives the world an idea of what your brand or business is about. For example, a toy’s brand should focus more on the playful aspects of its design as its target audience is children. Meanwhile a brand that sells products for men can go for bold, sharp shapes as those elements are associated more with the manhood and male customers. It is essential to remember that a brand’s logo gives at least a vague idea about what the brand is about. Gilette’s logo comes with bold sharp type with even a small cut on it’s “i” letter. – Call it razor-sharp brilliance!

4. Versatility

When designing a logo, it should not be forgotten that your logo will not just be on your brand’s mobile app, website or social media platforms but will also get printed in newspapers, magazines and other places where your brand will have no control over how the logo will look. Therefore, the logo should be versatile and responsive to serve multiple display purposes and fit snuggly on any visual space, be it small or big – all while having the same impact as originally intended. And it’s where a responsive logo can come in handy! A responsive logo will allow your business to have more arrows to its bow by having different variations to your logo, it should be able to fit both horizontally and vertically, but also operate as an independent symbol or icon without its wordmarking. In fact, even your wordmark should work as a stand-alone element.

5. Readability

Sometimes the text on logo of a business is unclear often due to a font or text size that makes it difficult to read. This can make the logo look less desirable even if everything else looks perfect. How one can ensure that the logo is readable is by ensuring that you are opting for the right typeface to do justice to your logo and let it speak for itself in all clarity. As the logo is the backbone of marketing and your business’s image, make sure that it is fulfills the basic requirement which is clarity.

6. Memorability

Your logo should stand out from the crowd to be memorable. The biggest example of memorable is the iconic Apple logo. It’s just a fruit everyone loves to bite on, right? – Actually, the bitten apple logo serves the analogy of “byte”, so it has a dual meaning. Nonetheless, you can recognize Apple’s logo in hundreds. To create a memorable logo, enlist the key features of your brand or business and how you what you want people to retain from it. Studies have shown that people tend to remember images and symbols more than names, sentences, or words. Humans have a strong visual memory so making a logo memorable can make your brand memorable as well.

7. Timelessness

When starting out, every business wants be successful and want to keep growing with time which is why when creating a logo with timeless quality will make sure that the audience finds it eye catching and attractive in the next 10 years of creating the logo too. A simple logo can ensure this however if the logo is unique, it becomes a signature for the brand and people associate the logo with the brand in all times.

A great logo is one that stays with the audience and to ensure that happens the brand must make sure that it is designed as per the right target audience, a unique logo will be associated with the business, simple logo makes it easier to remember for the audience, a logo that is timeless will connect with the audience in every decade. Clarity will make a logo desirable as people will not face difficulty reading it. All these factors, if kept in mind will ensure that your business logo not just stands out but is also remembered for a long time.