Aspen Chapel 50th Anniversary – Logo Contest

About the project :

For it’s 50th anniversary and occurring with winning the 2019 award of best non-profit in the county, Aspen Chapel wanted to give a revamp to its visual identity by launching a worldwide design contest to design its 50th anniversary event logo, a contest with one winner only.
I was lucky enough to win the contest, but was it really luck? Let’s dive in the project to understand better!

The Chapel's history :

In the 1960s, Bishop Yost traveled to France to attend a World Mennonite Conference and a World Council of Churches Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. During these travels, he was also attracted to some old windmills which were converted to wayside chapels by the simple addition of a steeple. They were often referred to as “Paux Mulon” or “Mill of Peace.” These and other such encounters inspired Bishop Yost to dream of a more ecumenical and interfaith chapel situated in his hometown; Aspen, Colorado.
Plans for the Chapel began in 1966. The articles of corporation were signed on December 21, 1967. The first board of directors consisted of Erving Yost and eleven other members and representatives from different religious backgrounds. 

The Chapel was founded on an inclusive form of Christianity’s mystical tradition; now however, it has no formal denomination and allows exercise of rights to find wisdom wherever that be in Taoism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism or none of the mentioned before – Making the Chapel a spiritual home for everyone.

The logos :

Only the 50th event logo was requested – see further below, but as a graphic and brand designer I simply saw an opportunity of giving the logo a new look, rebuild it in a simplistic way using aesthetic lines and fine measurements to make it look modern without stripping it much from it’s history…

Logo grids :

The logo in its vertical, horizontal and lettermark lock-ups was designed using the Chapel’s own architectural lines and of course… golden ratio, ergo divine proportions; no pun intended.

Event logo :

Now on to the main event, our winner – the event’s logo :

Logo rational :

The logo comes with a few hidden meanings and iconography.